TORIMIMASATAKA is an artist based in Osaka, creating audiovisual works and producing dub techno and experimental music.

He has released his music on various techno labels, including The Weevil Neighborhood from Germany (third mini album "ZOCSOF" in 2020),

CREDO from Germany (second mini album "fogaticle" in 2019), and his own label nuoac (first EP and first mini album "VOQUOXY" in 2017).


In addition to music production, he also creates generative art and video art using his own music as a source.

His crypto art has been exhibited in various exhibitions, such as ARS ELECTRONICA in New York in 2021, MUTEK and REFRACTION FESTIVAL in Montreal in 2022,

and NFT EUROPE in Barcelona in 2021. In 2023, his audiovisual work will be screened at SOTU FESTIVAL 2023 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.